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RELEASE: Vancouver must reinstate its Living Wage Policy: OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle

OneCity Vancouver Councillor rejects decision by Council and insists on a fair wage for working people

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories) - OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle today is speaking out against the decision by Vancouver City Council to end the City’s living wage policy.

The Living Wage Certification requires that the City pay its direct employees and contractors the hourly amount that a family needs to cover basic expenses in Vancouver. The Living Wage for Families campaign has more details here.

As a result of this decision, the City will no longer be required to pay employees in roles like security and maintenance enough to live in Vancouver.

The decision was made in an in camera meeting - individual Councillors’ votes cannot be disclosed, except by each Councillor themselves. Cllr. Boyle is permitted to disclose her own vote: that she voted against it, and that she strongly supports the Living Wage policy.

She issued this statement following the publication of this ill-considered move:

"This is an unacceptable decision. It gets more expensive to live in this city every day. We should be figuring out how to pay working people enough to live here, not making it harder and harder for them to make ends meet.

This was in camera, and I can't tell you who voted for this, and who voted against it - other than myself, of course. But I can say I am incredibly disappointed that a majority of councillors voted to end our Living Wage Policy.

In the recent municipal election, voters told every party that affordability was a top issue. Not one party ran on reducing working people’s wages.

It is a long time until the next election. But it's never too early to stand up for working people. I promise you: no OneCity councillors would have voted for this. And if given the chance, a OneCity council majority will reinstate Vancouver as a living wage employer.

If you're a worker, if you're young, if you're struggling, you belong here. You and I know this. Your municipal government should know it too."

Vancouverites who support a living wage are invited to sign OneCity Vancouver’s petition demanding that the City reinstate its policy.

For more information:
OneCity Vancouver Communications Committee
[email protected]

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